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Kempo Program

Kempo is our primary program and is taught 3 days per week.  We take students as young as 8 years and as old as those who want to train.

The style of martial art we study is based in a Okinawan Kempo. It incorporates strikes, joint-locks and pressure points. This style is extensively kata-based, having most of our techniques and applications come straight out of the kata we study.  Our focus is self awareness and self defense, not sport.

Just like our art, our curriculum is based around kata. Each level a kata is studied and broken down into applications. In the beginning students are taught specific applications from the kata taught at their level. As a student progresses, they are encouraged to develop their own applications. This helps students think for themselves allowing them to make the kata and style their own.

Each rank level also includes the study of specific joint-locks, pressure points and other principles which are all interconnected with the kata, making this art very easy to learn. Also included are weapon based kata and techniques which are both traditional and practical for today.

Here are the kata that are contained in our base curriculum.

  • Taikyoku Series
    • Shodan
    • Nidan
    • Sandan
  • Naihanchi
  • Bassai (Old Temari Version)
  • Sanchin
  • Baston Anyo Isa
  • Kusanku (Bushi Matsumura Style)
  • Hakutsuru Mei (White Crane)

Junior Students

When it comes to our junior students (elementary/middle school) we understand each child is different, and our training of each child is individualized. Regardless, we have developed our children's program to strengthen your child mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Though our junior students may train with adults, the the Junior curriculum is an age appropriate and thinned version of the Adult curriculum.  There is still a focus on self-defense, but our focus is more on releases and verbal deescalation. Although the ability to defend oneself is very important, there are other aspects of development which both of the children's classes help in nurturing,

  • Respect
  • Manners
  • Physical strength
  • Concentration and focus
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Positive social skills
  • Self control

All the above results in Self Respect and Self Confidence for your child; thus helping them perform well in other sports and strengthening their ability to focus and concentrate at school as well.


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