Try Us For 10 Dollars

Looking for the right martial art or school can be difficult,
especially if you have never done martial arts before.

Sometimes a style looks cool or you know what you want to learn,
but for whatever reason nothing seems to just fit.

We understand finding exactly what you want
can be time consuming and sometimes expensive.

You may even end up with multiple free uniforms
sporting logos from the different schools you have tried out.

We try and make the process as easy as possible.

For the cost of an expensive lunch
we would like you to try us for one training week.

So here is what we offer...

  • Attendance to age-appropriate classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • AND - Attendance to the Knife/Stick class on that same Wednesday
  • If there is a Kyusho Workshop during that week, feel free to show up for that too
  • No additional uniform to clutter your closet
  • If you decide you would like to join our school - Use that SAME $10 toward your first months tuition

Simple - Time Efficient - No Commitment

If you are interested in taking us up on our $10 offer
please feel free to click the link below or contact us by email or phone.

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